Our Story

SWEED'S SWEETS was first created in 2018 by Shani Scarlett Kagan at her home in Tel Aviv, Israel. Over time the extraordinary chocolate began to arouse curiosity and became popular.

So yes, it is just chocolate.
We mean… not just chocolate, a delicious rich white hand crafted chocolate and whole rice puffs praline!
But- It does not contain cannabis, it's just in the shape of cannabis!

SWEED'S SWEETS is the first cannabis-shaped chocolate in Israel that has undergone lengthy processes of meticulous regulation and has been approved by the Ministry of Health and by the Rishon LeZion Rabbinate.

We strive to spread as many moments of joy, wonder and fun as possible. By creating these exceptional confectionery we hope to inspire you to open your mind, laugh and have a little fun.

If our chocolate made you smile, we did our job :)
“When fun gets deep enough It can heal the world”.  - The OAQUi